JRN: A Human Service

JNR was designed by myself and two of my classmates: Rhebsa and Jocelyn. The goal of this project was to create a service that helps our classmates and solves a real-life problem in a unique way, using our skills and abilities and the result was JNR.

I always used to say, “finding an illustration or icon takes up half my work as a designer”. As a non-illustrating designer, finding illustrations and icons are a great hassle, Most illustrations are made by impersonal AI that pushes out mathematically calculated illustrations that never seemed to portray exactly what I need them to, so we created one that did just that. JNR is a product that creates illustrations from reference photos by humans for humans.

We believe technology should be created to help humans and not replace humans.

The process

Getting a custom Illustration from JNR has 3 main steps, 

  • Upload the reference image
  • JNR shares this reference image with our Illustrator and we create the custom illustrator in our signature style. During this step, we created a game that allows you to pay with a miniature game while waiting for your image to be created
  • Lastly, you download the custom illustration made.

My role in the team

I designed the website for the platform that allowed the team’s talents to be shown to the public. When designing the website, I wanted it to be welcoming and fun, also easy and straightforward to maneuver without getting lost in too many pages.

I wanted the goal to be very clear to the user hence the bold CTA in the middle of the hero section to call the attention of the user.

The website is a 1-page website with Figma with the prototyped flow to provide a real feel of how the user will go through the website from end to end.

Reflections and critiques

Designing an MVP of any product is always a challenge, not every aspect of the product can be thought out completely by the product team, and that is why user research, AB testing, and user testing are important and we got a bit of user feedback and peer critique from the class concerning our product. We got feedback concerning the scalability of the product and the time constraints involved with a human creating the illustrations, all very important aspects of the product that we hope to improve upon with solutions we have come up with.

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