A Disposable App

When I came up with that term, it felt like a weird summary of everything I had been trying to understand about the term Supernormal. But before I go on to tell you about how this theory became, let me tell you what a disposable app is.
A disposable app is an app that becomes digitally disposable once it has served the needs of the user.
This was a challenge to the idea of supernormal in the digital space

Toluwanimi Martins

Room C3234
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My name is Nimi Martins I am a Product Designer with a background in Building Construction and I have been working as a digital product designer for the last several years. I have a focus on creating user-centred designs that solve real-life problems. I am fascinated with understanding human psychology and figuring out ways to create useful, helpful and impactful products.
I am also interested in critical design thinking that leads to actionable resolutions.

Keywords for your practice/research:
User-centred, Critical Design Thinking, Design Futures, Understanding how users behave and why they behave that way (Design Psychology) and Solving real-life problems through digital products.