Visioner-AR Driving Glasses for Seniors with Glaucoma

Project overview:

Building upon project 3, Jocelyn and I worked on how we might design an intelligent driving experience for elderly drivers with glaucoma eye disease to drive more safely.

Why AR Glasses?

We learned from the critique showing a side view on the screen will cause cognitive overload for drivers. Research suggests that a driver’s vision can’t remain on screen for more than 3 seconds, or it will increase the chances of accidents. AR glasses provide an enhanced view for drivers with this vision limitation.

How do we design AR glasses?

Through research, we found many unique and innovative AR glasses designs. However, we thought that the scenario of using it is more daily, and we decided to make it looks like effortless and generic eyeglasses.

  1. Touch control for turning the glasses on and off on the outside of the left arm. 
  2. A speaker is embedded for voice message delivery under two arms of the glasses. 
  3. A projector in the right arm will project through the rectangle screen behind the right lens and show the view in front of the sight. 
Design Process
Final look
3D Printing of the Physical Prototype.

AR glasses can help drivers in which way?

UI Design and some visual components

Colour: # 0EF8F0. This is a more saturated colour choice of cyan for the optimum wavelength range for the human eye.
Font: Arial bold with 5% more spacing. Larger sans-serif text and spacing are more suitable for seniors’ reading habits.
Brightness: For seniors, the amount of incoming light is reduced by about 28-43%. Using AI filters to enhance the brightness.

UI Development in Figma

When will the AR glasses be used?

There are four main scenarios that we included in our design.

1. Speed Detection and Sign Indication
2. Highway Exit Reminder
3. Navigation
4. Lane Change Assist

Highway Exit Reminder: one of the examples of how it looks in the AR glasses
Video Demo

Future Steps:

We can add voice-over for voice control or voice message features for a better demo. In addition, AR glasses are very flexible to fit different customers’ needs. For example, customers can get prescripted and even sunglasses for different uses.


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