👋Research Statement


Email: yqiao@ecuad.ca

Studio Location: D3320

Portfolio: https://jocelynqiao.myportfolio.com/


Jocelyn is a first-year master of interaction design student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. With experience as a UX designer and UX researcher, she analyzes the needs of diverse stakeholders through a human-centred design approach. She creates simple, intuitive design solutions to complex problems. 

Keywords for your practice/research

Interaction Design,

Intelligent Cockpit Design,

Wearable Device,

UX Research & Evaluation,

Health & Aging


Research questions/Key themes:

How might we implement technology and design to provide a more accessible intelligent cockpit driving experience for elderly drivers with vision limitations?

How might we practice intelligent cockpit designs for senior drivers?

How might we design the interactions in the cockpit to improve the safety of elderly drivers?

Research Interest Mapping