Project 1 Gift: Watering Cactus Game

Watering Cactus Game Interface

In project 1, I made a small game as a gift for Faizaan using Processing. In this game, a small cactus is waiting for water in the desert. The player can control the movement of the cactus by using the mouse. The player moves the mouse freely on the screen and lets the cactus catch the water drops. The score cumulates as more water drops are caught. The player can play as long as he wishes. The background music plays as the game continues.

My original intention for this game is to be stress-relieving on a busy day. The game is meant to be played in a scenario of taking a break, whether it is during work or after work. The game display is in a very small size to be private enough for the player himself and unnoticeable for other people around.

Watering Cactus Gameplay Demo

I made this gift because I learned that Faizaan likes playing PC games. Playing games helped him relax from the busy work. I learned that he is a fun and positive person. The gift was received by Faizaan and he was glad to try playing it. He thinks that it is nice to play during a small break from work.


Original codes if you are interested:


Hello world!

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