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For this action, I began by a snapshot of my life and exploring what food had been there along the way. Perogie, spelled in so many different ways, was one food that expanded itself into not only a dining experience, but an experience of family, of tradition, and at points, a helping held from the moments the life brings.

To encapsulate these feelings and emotions behind the process, I made a narrative and action exploration for Shankar to see; a little deeper into the life of a stranger and her favourite food: the perogie.

Please click below to view full narrative and description:

Materialization. Storytelling. Knowledge sharing. Often our process as child culture designers is to immerse ourselves in the concept of play, and to infuse play-based approach in our practice. But what when you make play into knowledge? What began, for me, as an exploration around heritage foods, turned into a narrative around the passing down of culture, and how food can begin a level of interaction with children.

For this examination, I worked with the creation of food with my daughter and documented it as a way to continue the teachings; in technique and storytelling.

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