11 | Mháthiar

Mháthiar – Mother in Irish Gaelic

I was born Angela Dione Narynski. When I was 20 I sought to change my name to honour my maternal ties.

At first I thought Angela Dione Noone, my mother’s maiden name, but that also was tied to the last name of her father. Then I thought Angela Dione Devlin, a name that honoured my grandmother’s maiden name, her father’s name.

I quickly realized that as a patriarchal society, as far back as I could go, I would only receive the last name of the father. I then decided to instead drop the patriarchal namesake, and became Angela Dione.

As a study of my maternal ties, I read aloud a poem of my mother’s and wrote a response

Trinity by Pat Narynski – read by Angela Dione
Mháthiar by Angela Dione

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