I’m Mayura.  My Japanese name is 山内眞由蘭(Yamanouchi Mayura). Studio#19.

My interest is in nurturing ontological ideas through animism, which could lead to an understanding of interconnectivity and a new(different) way of looking at our environment.

Currently, I work as a communication designer at a wellness school in Vancouver, BC. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design with ECU and started my Master’s in Interdisciplinary Design in September 2021.

More-than_human communications, Animism, Sustainability, Inclusive Design, Ontology, Slow Knowledge

Research Question:
How can we cultivate empathy for non-human (more-than-human) entities?

Inspired Readings by: Arturo Escobar, Carl Safina, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Peter Wohlleben, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Suzanne Simard, Sy Montgomery, Yoko Akama