How to be present?

After moving to Vancouver and for the first time moving out from my family, I felt like I am lost and did not know who I am anymore. At that moment, I was reflecting a lot on the past which was painful, and the future where I felt stressed. This action made me lose myself and not live in the present, which motivated me and made me feel curious about how to be present and reconnect to my body? how may I incorporate design to express and share my feelings with others?

During the winter break, I have stayed a couple of days at home to reconnect with myself and found myself feeling all the feelings that I was running away from which held me from living in the present. I started accepting them and feeling whatever I feel in the moment. I went for a walk and observed nature with all the details to awaken my conscious along with breathing work which helps me a lot and felt like I am waking up finally.  

I have a huge interest in the human mind and am always curious and eager to learn more about it. Therefore, I decided to change my focus from gender inequality and women empowerment into the human mind. The human mind probably is a big topic and all related together, but I decided to narrow down my topic into how to be present and reconnect to your body. I would like to incorporate the two things I am mostly interested in which are design and the human mind. Therefore, I designed a poster capturing myself at the moment when I was lost and when I was awakened by practicing breathing work and paying attention to details.

Mind Mapping