Open Studio – Heritage Tour in VR

To get started with practising how to design experiences in VR, I created this virtual tour of the ‘Qutub Minar’, a heritage monument in India for this Open Studio event. This structure showcases a huge collection of geometric patterns, scriptures, architectural styles and graphics from different times. Today, it faces depreciation in quality – not just to the artwork and intricate calligraphy on the pillars, but also structurally.

This tour aims at initiating a conversation around – possible ways to facilitate the understanding of different cultural contexts and current social behaviour through VR.

Keywords: Emerging tech, behaviour modification, social empathy, multiculturalism, ethics in VR.

♦️ Research Questions

  1. In what ways can Virtual Reality (VR) support cultural heritage preservation and restoration? – Iconography, artforms, heritage structures, literature, artefacts and traditions/practices.
  2. How can VR experiences be designed to understand context of different cultures and effectively influence social behaviour?
* This experience is designed based on insights from Grad Design Studio 1 - classroom Project 2 (Indigenous language learning 'Dakelh') and discussions with course faculty, Amber Frid-Jimenez and Zack Camozzi.
360 VR – Dakelh language learning through VR storytelling.