Action 10 – Unboxing spontaneous making.

I will investigate the interdependence/interconnections of all of my previous actions through the making strategy of sketching to create images.

Have you ever played the join the dots game as a kid? Remember how following the numbered dots with your pencil would magically generate the image of a unicorn, plant or an aeroplane or basically anything in the whole wide world?

I started to think about how as kids these exercises used to be the ultimate creative expression without any expectation of being perfect with our drawings or the burden of achieving a pre-determined solution.

Reimagining that experience – I worked with 12 grids of dots (10X10 each) and experiment with a more intuitive and insightful problem solving process to create new images without thinking. This is my attempt to bypass pre-determined solutions and experiment and play with a childlike quality instead.

I allowed myself to enter a way of working where one form dictated the next in a spontaneous way. I had no predetermined solutions, and started by the simple method of mark making and flowing the lead to generate images from scratch. I came up with 12 distinct images in a span of an hour without putting much thought into the concept, composition and the end result. The low fidelity images can now be used to further built upon and create new visual languages.

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