Action 9 – Experimental Typography

I wanted to move away a little from my previous explorations and use materials to engage with my basic practice – Graphic design. I picked typography as a sub-branch and decided to use these two material sets to create new type forms –

1. paper and scissors

2. bubble wrap, ink and syringes.

This exploration was a small starting point and made me think about

What materials, apart from the digital medium, can I use to generate legible and usable typeforms?

The first exploration was to create small alphabet puzzles. I picked T and H because they are highly symmetric letterforms and it would be easier to explore the initial idea with them.

The second exploration included some experiments with a wet medium and bubble wrap. I simply mixed some ink in water and used syringes to inject it into the bubble wrap and see if I could generate legible letterforms. Here in the pictures I have tried to create an ‘A’ and a ‘B’. The result was satisfyingly good. I plan to draw out more letters and keep adding them here.

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