Action I: Starting from the Ground

Home place and “Dream” Place

For our group’s first meeting, my partner Abhinav and I basically focused on chatting around home places, and also our culture and languages.

What I found interesting is that we share the similar experience and feelings about our capital city and hometwon.  For me, I was born in a small city near the capital city beijing. But I have studied and worked in Beijing for over 6 years, so it is kind of another home place of me. Also for Abhinav, he lived in New Delhi for a long time and also have friends there.  Both New Deli and Beijing are cities that hold people’s dream and have good resources and fast pace. And for our hometown we both feel peaceful living here because people always feel relax at their home. ( photo 1 )

photo 1: Abinav’s and my hometown and capital city of our countries

During our first meeting, I found that Abhinav showed his interest of Beijing, he said he started to know about this city since 2008 Beijing Olympic game. And previously he also told me about hockey, which is a well-known sports in india.  Actually his interest arose my excitement about exploring more into Beijing. And also, based on his interest about sports, I think next meeting , I might start introducing some interesting facts about beijing to him by telling somethings related sports.

So I choose to talk about two sprots stadiums that built for Beijing Olympic game. To carify my statemtent, I found a picture book. And I showed him an interesting fact about this two stadium. which is, they are built on the sides of a mysterious and significant line in the middle of city.  And the line is called axle wire. The most important architectures in beijing were built on this line when people began to build this city thousands years ago. In 2008, two new landmarks “Beijing National Stadium” and “Beijing National Aquatics Center” , which were also built on this line the, is the extend of Beijing history and art of architecture and also coonect the history and modernizationn. ( photo 2 )

photo2: Interesting fact about Beijing

I think axle wire is one the most important facts why I adore this city. Because every object born on this city, no matter it is tangible or intangible, has its special and mysterious meaning and can also be tracked both on the wall of history and today. And the new landmarks that emerge thousands years later still follow the tradition of ancient city design discipline.

Following this opening statement, I listed several points of my own story of Beijing. About when I’m thinking of beijing, what shows up in my mind.

When I’m thinking of Beijing,
What I’m thinking of?

  • Art Museums
  • Food

As the capital city of China, Beijing is the fusion of food from all over the country even the world. You can find whatever you want to eat here. But I would say this might be the reason that, in my deep stomach, Beijing is the very city that does not own the most delicious food compared to other cities in China.

  • Wried Activities
  • Some feelings

Im really grateful that abhinav always gave good comments of my words.   And this time he asked me what impressed me most among these points which I did not think about that before. And my answer is my feeling about this city. Since people’s feelings are very short-lived, and also hard to express. So compared to the location itself, the feelings when we are in that place is more precious. But anyway a location can help you preserve the feelings.

And then I came up with a topic im really interested and also we discussed in the meetings. Which is the relationship between home place and “dream” place. Dream place what I understand is that you want to spend most of your life time there, and for Abhinav, what he said is you found your balance there. Back to the topic of capital city and hometown, I will choose capital city for my dream place, but Abhhinav said he had the oppsite choice.

However, I have to say to choose whether my hometown or my “dream” place(capital or big city) is always a complicated question for me to answer. The big city can help me realize my dream, and be financially independent. The good human, work, and entertainment resources can make my life more colorful. Whereas there would be moments that missing my family very much and being helpless to take care of my parents at my distant home.

Here is the visual expression that tells my feeling about the relationship between home place and “dream” place.

Two years ago, I ended studying and working in USA and came back to China, to my hometown Baoding. My family and the quiet life cured my tired heart from the “not successful life” in USA (Surely I will not judge life as successful or not right now, but that was the feeling I got two years ago). A month later, I made my decision to go on the journey to our capital city Beijing, to study design and hunt jobs about design.

The image is divided into five parts. In the middle is the train ticket I preserved, which is the ticket two years ago I went to Beijing from home. The left two parts stands for my feelings about hometown, and the right two parts represent my feelings about Beijing. The up left is a children doodled ovary, which means the place I was born. And the blood dripping down and nurturing the growing tree, which stands for my growing children and teenage life in my home. On the right, being alone in Beijing gave me a opportunity to show my actual self, like the X-ray. And the wild sketch also present my crazy mind in big city.

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