Action 3: Extending and Seeking

Growing Mask

I started this action by doing some extended thoughts about studio, including what is actually a studio, the functions of studio, to see if there are any interesting points came out. 

Brainstorm of “studio”
Structure of my thought about “studio”

Studio is the curation of time and space

I would like to define “studio” as a very broad term. Generally speaking, it is a space that produce, exhibit products and ideas, but it can be a variety of forms. For instance, when i’m taking shower, I use to think about things in bathroom, think about works, projects, so that could be a studio of me. 

The studio is growing, as time goes by, the ideas, and works accumulate. And for the host of the studio, wherever they go, he carries the personality of the studio. The personality is abstract, but the abstraction creates different and speical time and space. so I think “studio” can extend time and space.

Studio is the intersection of time and space, it is also a presentation which presents space and time that are hard to visualize and express. It is the shape of time, and change of space. It is the collage of preservation of past, the on-going thinkings, and future prediction. 

So I would like to define my online studio as an online exhibition, it is not only the curation of my actions and works, and also the curation of time and space


And then I thought, surely the online studio can be constructed and built at any time and any places, I really don’t want to make the online studio in a vaccum time and space, it should be the reflection of our on-going situation. 

Recently, I’ve read a news that a penguin was found dead on Brazilian beach. It is because malnutrition, and a mask it swallowed .  The local scientists stated that this could be the first animal that was dead because of safety device during cover period. There is also a rough data that during post-covid time, a billion of mask trash are produced all over the world. Generally speaking, if you put the mask in the garbage can, they will go to the incineration and be burned. It is non poisonous. But if the they are abandoned on the street or, because mask is very light has no weight, are easily blown to other places. So they will finally go to the ocean after raining. They will pollute the ocean and the animals will eat them. 

A penguin was found dead on Brazilian beach after swallow a mask.

So I went out, and just walk around in a few miles around my neighborhood,  I did not imagine I found this amount of abandoned masks.

Abandoned masks in my neighborhood and street in a few miles around my home.

Actually, I felt so powerless standing in front of those abandoned masks, because I did not have any protection, I could not pick them up.

So I decide to put this on my online studio. 

This is a growing stick-skeleton mask. The baby plants will grow and we can see “time” on this mask . 

The pandemic not only paused or reversed the globalization, but remodeled the relationship between human being and nature. As the symbol of this pandemic, mask brings increasingly violent environmental problem to our world. We will constantly live in this situation for a long lasting time.

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