Action 6: Envelope–An Effective Communication Design

And a time preservation

My action6 is about the old envelopes and letters that from my grandfather. And I think it is also a very good example that shows time extension.

When my grandfather passed away. He left us a lot of old books, albums and other old stuff. My grandmother said we can preserve whatever we like. Then I found these letters. Most of them are letters which are from my grandfather’s home town. What I know is he still kept this very traditional way to keep in touch with his nephews in his homeland. And I also found some envelopes that are in very different format, which, my grandma said to me, are from his classmate in Taiwan. Because the China mainland has very sensitive relationship with Taiwan. It is still a rare thing for people in this two parts of China to have intimate communication. So I’m very curious about this letter correspondence.

When I opened and read these letters one by one, I can even smell a kind of burning smell of the letters which you can easily smell it in vintage store. I’m really excited, it’s like doing archaeological research. 

I found some of the letters from Taiwan are already taken out of the envelopes. My grandmother said she felt anxious to keep these Taiwan letters. Because she has experienced a series of movements that occurred in the early days of the founding of New China. People in that era were not only afraid to save politically sensitive things, but also unable to discuss political things even in their dreams. Actually the freedom of speech in today’s society is very much open than before. But it seems the nightmire left to my grandmother sixty years ago are still at work.

And go back to the letter. 

Letter is a very sentimental thing in our today’s life. I believed that if a modern person is still writing letters, his primary purpose is probably not to convey information but to satisfy his own retro feelings. But for my grandfather, it’s the opposite. In his whole life, he used letter to connect with his relatives in homeland and his classmates in different parts in the world. I still remember, after he passed away, I was at my grandparents’ place, I unexpectly saw a letter written by my grandma, it is written for my grandpa’ nephews in his homeland, it is said “he went to the heaven peaceful” . 

Then I think, there should be difficult to have a way of communication in the world, that is soft like this. I believe, it should be difficult to speak out this sorrow thing for my grandmother, or anyone of us, if we used phone call. 

Envelope is also a very effective communication way.

The postage shows how much you paid for mailing the letter. The recipient in the center shows what is in people’s first attention. And the sender tells your audience who you are. 

And your envelope is also about your personality, integrity and humanity. 

This is the envelope which is from my grandfather’s nephew in his homeland.
This is the letter written by my grandfather which was about to send to his hometown but was retrieved in the end.

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