Machine embroidery tests

I am planning to machine embroidery the news headlines I’ve been collecting since March. There are beginning tests. Initial decisions are around:

  • what type of font to use
  • what size text
  • how large each panel should be to make a 36″ square quilt
  • what fabric to use: colours, solids, patterns
  • colour of thread
you can see the indentation arount the text…that is the hoop edge, this size can accomodate text within print 4.72″ square, max. text size is 3/8″
the larger hoop can accomodate text in an area of 8.7 by 10.23 inches, max. text is 3/8 inch

How do you check-in when you arrive in the studio?

I enter the space and then what…

I need a moment to settle in…I am here. What do I want to do?

I made a large notebook which has become my portal into saying hello to the studio. I am here today, at this time, and I feel like this…I saw….I heard….I felt…

It’s a way to get grounded in very ungrounded times. It will undoubtly become a record of this time, this very strange time.

Looking for direction

I’m showing up to the studio but feeling lost. Don’t seem to be able to easily settle in and focus on anything, so…I am revisiting recent work and wondering if I’ll continue exploring the deconstruction of the stitch.

How would working with food work these days? How can it be used to connect?

I thought I would explore the use of video…to perhaps formulate an idea of what it would be like/could be like to use an online workshop format: Food + zoom + me + others.

But before “this time” I had been thinking of exploring the physical/face-to-face workshop format as an art format. But how would it differ from a regular workshop? What makes it art?

Books mentioned:
The Futurist Cookbook by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Digesting Recipes: The Art of Culinary Notation by Susannah Worth.