MFA Thesis Pitch Package

*Note: The budget reflects the relative base costs of filming one 16mm film. It will most likely increase if utilizing more props, food or actors/models. The idea is produce these lower cost 16mm shorts, while fundraising for the higher cost production in Summer.

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 MFA Deliverables

1 x short film script “Konoronkwa” (experimental science fiction)

1 x short film script (narrative drama) “Untitled”

1 x storyboarded schematics for “Konoronkwa”

1 x storyboarded schematics for “Untitled”

2 x experimental 16mm short films using dialogue and thematic content from the scripts, as well as from experimental writing based on the scripts. I will be completing all the post production, including sound design, mix and colour, myself.

Summer 2022 Deliverables

Pre production and principal photography on “Untitled” (or “Konoronkwa” if feasible to film/adaptable to a realistic budget). It is possible I might plan to film a shorter, condensed version at 5-10 pages as opposed to the current 10-25. The script is being written right now as though there are no budgetary constraints.

Fall 2022 Deliverables

Post production on “Untitled” begins

Feature script version of “Untitled” to pitch to Telefilm’s Talent To Watch Program

All press materials related to “Untitled” are produced

Spring 2023

Post production on “Untitled” continues, and is completed

Feature script version of “Konoronkwa” is produced

Possible fundraising to film “Konoronkwa”, pre production research