one of my spheres waiting to be fired

In the fall 2022 semester, I was lucky enough to be in a ceramic class. Since last spring, I have done something reflective about myself, and the chance to be able to create something with my hands was something that I welcomed.
The prompt for the course was to create a vessel. After brainstorming, I arrived at the conclusion that I wanted to make a vessel related to my morning rituals. One of my morning rituals is to light incense every day when I wake up before I make tea.

Wedging my clay – process of mixing clay and removing air bubbles

Marking with branches and rocks.

Waiting to be bisque-fired

The five spheres I made represent my parents, my two brothers, and me. The different shapes or marks on the spheres represent the impermanence of life occurrences. Contrary to what spheres appear to be from a distance – the surface of the circular shape seems to go on and on smoothly with no obstacles- there are many ups and downs, obstacles, and unpredictable events. 

My rituals of lighting the incense during my morning routine started with my uncle’s death two years ago and took additional meaning and purpose nine months ago with the death of my brother. By lighting the incense, I feel like I am telling them that they are remembered. This action also helps me feel consoled for not being able to be close to them with the complicated situation caused by pandemic restrictions.

Five of us are no longer five, but I wanted to keep the usual five here. The blue sphere is my brother – his favourite colour.

I am surrounded by impermanence. We are all surrounded by impermanence.

I added a vessel to hold the vessel for the incense.

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