Action 6 Navigating Ambiguity

I will investigate Ambiguity and how to navigate it? through the action/s of observing/exploring/reflection of my thought process, feelings, and experience. 

Oxford Dictionary:
[uncountable] the state of having more than one possible meaning,
[countable] a word or statement that can be understood in more than one way, 
[countable, uncountable] the state of being difficult to understand or explain because of involving many different aspect.


My Attitude Towards Ambiguity

Thinking back on a time when I experienced ambiguity or uncertainty recently. This could have been a time when…

my next steps were unclear
I recognized multiple pathways/possibilities
I faced more questions than answers
my personal perception of a “right’ outcome was challenged

How did I feel ? & How did I respond?


Continuing online studies (feel) Now that the next semester is going to be online, I am not sure if it’s worth doing it. Missing out on faculty interactions, peer engagements, building bonds, etc. (response) sacrifice and get in line. What other choice do I have? other than online or take a break/drop.

Suing my ex-company (feel) not paying your employee is not right. I feel unsure of my works worth and in turn me. (response) Unsure as of yet, I played some music and felt low.

Taking precautions in sex (feel) I felt uncertain if I should use it with or not with my trusted partners, (response) took precautions as I don’t want to deal with the anxiety of the implications of not taking it.

Taking a weekend trip with my friends (feel) I felt scared of contracting Co-vid. (response) Fear of missing out, justified by using my time doing assignments, also took a rational decision of not going because if I get co-vid I can pass it to my parents who are old.

Deciding which ‘crown’ to get for my tooth that underwent root canal, (feel) I wasn’t sure which material crown I should get, metal? ceramic? Metal coated with ceramic? (response) my doc suggested I should go for ceramic or coated with ceramic as being a professional it’s not cool to have a shiny metal one.

Asking out someone (feel) I am always nervous about the outcome, fear of losing someone, (response) I ask anyway, as the fear or guilt of not knowing is too heavy, and also I have to be true to ‘thing’s’ I want.


When our goals aligned or not, (feel) felt a bit weird (response) did a discussion

The difference of views, (feel) felt like the other person doesn’t understand that my solution that this meets the objective and that he could be wrong (response) discussed it and decided t keep both the solutions

Making time and taking time, (feel) wasn’t sure how much time the team member wanted to give, I personally try to put in as much time as I can, felt that other team members weren’t committed enough, (response) didn’t bring up the topic, later I realized the team member has other commitments, also their efforts could be divided into other tasks.

Sharing thoughts, and feelings (feel) I felt like I do if the other team member would be interested in that, or how would they perceive it, or how would they react. Possibly I felt scared. (response) I did not share

What recipe to give Pat for action 2. (feel) I felt uncertain, like should I give her something simple to make or something a bit complex as most of the recipes from my terrior are (response) I gave her something easy as she was experimenting with new elements.

Making decisions, (feel) I felt that there are multiple outcomes of making a decision when I and Maleeka decided of doing action 7 together, (response) I don’t know what the outcome is going to be yet.

Giving feedback, (feel) recently when I gave feedback to Zahara on censorship, I felt maybe I shouldn’t have given her that feedback, maybe it might demotivate her, (response) I checked with her privately on how she felt about my feedback and it was all good.


Committing to projects (feel) I felt uncertain about my commitment to this action (response) I committed to it regardless as I had no choice but to do it.

When I had conflicting outcomes (feel) I felt okay actually (response) I was open to parallel solutions

When I had multiple options to move ahead or explore with stretch lexicon (feel) I felt good actually and overwhelmed in a good way (response) I don’t remember what my response was but what could have been my response but happy lol.

While doing initial actions (feel) I felt why am I even doing this? Is this design? (response) I decided to trust the process and also because I was having fun.

While performing the actions (feel) I was questioning if I am doing them right or wrong (response) decided to not think it in that way but keep on performing.

While asking uncomfortable questions, (feel) I feel nervous, (response) I decided to ask anyway.

How much time and money to invest, (feel) I felt skeptical (response) I tried to rationalize it with the output or the possible worth of the investment.

Updating to the Blog, (feel) I feel exposed (response) I have no choice but to post it, I won’t get marks if I don’t post.

Ambiguous Object Exercise

Letting go of the “right answer”

Participating friend's

Aman from Delhi, India (A)

Charles from Gujarat, India (C)

Elham from Tehran (E)

Melaine from Vancover, Canada (M)

Soumya from Mumbai, India (S)


For this exercise, each participant needs to bring in a seemingly ambiguous object. For example, think of an object you’ve come across, picked up, and thought “hmm, I wonder what this does?” or “what does this belong to?” If you do happen to know, DO NOT reveal what your object actually is or does. Keep it a secret, which you can share at the end of the exercise. Taking turns to make up a story for the object on-the-spot. Have fun with how it might be used. By who? Where? When? For example, “this is an International Transmogrifier spies use when they’re on covert operations. They place it on a wall, flip this switch, and it reveals special messages hidden in plain sight, planted by their clandestine intelligence agency.”

Object – 1

Object of Melanie from Vancouver

C: “I think it a rat trap”

S: “I thought it was an urn or a fancy tea pot”

E: “It is sugar holder or spice holder maybe”

C: “Maybe it’s a piggy bank 😱 “

A: “something used for storage purposes…. although the opening on the side still bothers me.

Object – 2

Object of Aman from Delhi

S: “Looks like some plumbing tools”

E: “Is there a reason behind hanging from a hanger or you are misleading us all”

C: “I think is an object is used to check leveling of the walls during construction”

E: “the circle thing is a heavy thing which helps the other end and it adds weight to it by hanging” “it does some sort of leveling”

M: “It’s a clever toilet flusher for if your water tank is up high so you can still reach while sitting down” “Also a sound maker for the one person band… seen here hanging from a storage hook when in action musician swings above their head with left hand to make a whiirrrrring sound while using right hand and left foot to tap out the beat using Soumya’s percussion kit.”

C: “And this seems like a strangulation device for medieval times”. “Oh it could be water level checker for underground water tanks” “Or the round thing is magnet and it’s used to treasure hunt things in a river”

S: “Looks like a mountain climbing tool”

Object – 3

Object of Elham from Tehran

C: “I think it’s a toy light”

A: “Something used in a kitchen….I can see some sort of mesh at the bottom”

C: “a push button for some nuclear 🚀 ”

M: “Special limited offer on the garlic crusher, that doubles as a button maker”

S: “This looks like an eternal mushroom. From Alice in wonderland’s book. If you take a bite of it you become as tiny as your thumb.”

C: “Now I think it’s a weed crusher :O “

Object – 4

Object of Soumya from Mumbai

E: “it is for crushing some food”

C: “I think this is sandlewood powder maker”

M: “Instruments for the rhythm section of a one person band”.”Implements for darning socks…. needles, threads and socks not included.”

A: “Sandalwood crusher to make paste with water”

C: “Tools to perform black magic :O “

Object – 5

Object of Charles from Gujarat

M: “A clever measuring and marking device for perfect spacing of carrots and tomatoes in the garden, spacing works for linear and non linear gardening styles”

S: “Something to poke annoying children with”

M: “Hahahahaha yes to put in the shoe of annoying children and annoying neighbors”.”And your least fav cousin?!? Am I getting too mean?”.”The loud guy in the office…”

S: “Or maybe it is a weaving tool”

A: “Space markers”

Ambiguity is like…
Jumping off a cliff in a fog

It’s like the process of discovering the bottom, there could be a lake, concrete slab, or a trampoline!! who knows? It’s exciting and terrifying !! “

Up to this moment, what tools, methods, mindsets, or other things have I relied on when I faced an ambiguous situation? What’s the composition of your ambiguity? What are the things that help you survive in ambiguity?

Tools or methods I have relied on: Listening to, I try to rationalize it, checking pro’s & con’s, multiple scenario building, I discuss it with beings, I contemplate, I research, zoom in zoom out,

Composition: Untearable, gooey, semi-solid/liquid

Helps me survive: Meditation music, I take a walk, I risk it, talking it out,

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