January – Essay writing period

I wish I can be someone like Sophie

Who remains calm; who treat people kindly; who gives positive support to others; who is being understandable; who see things clearly

Remaining calm is so difficult for me. Emotion control is the biggest XIUXING for me at this age. I easily get angry, eager for arguments, but can’t learn how to say fewer sentences and avoid these negative energy. A grown-up should have the ability to control their emotions, the level of control over themselves indicates the level of XIUXING and understanding in depth of life.

Keeping hands busy is a way to shape the emotion, and that basically the principle of design as XIUXING, finding the process of calming and taking a reflection during this process. Be a tutor for myself and tell me what should do and what’s not. Different emotions brought different presentations on the ‘designs’ or we can say physicalized ‘visualizations’. The aesthetics shifts as the emotion fluctuate. Arts happen any time, it doesn’t matter if the emotion is upset, happy, frustrated or sad. I wish to use this process of making myself busy working with either design sketching, prototyping, making or crafting can accelerate the process of self-control.

Poetic design in the theory is suggesting this self-control XIUXING process presents in an aesthetic way. It incorporates a cultural, aesthetical, religious ways of thinking through the process

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