Spring 2022 | Conditional Painting proposal | Revised

Site Specific / Conditional Painting

Site: South Facing wall of the Outside Knee Gallery, 4th floor.

Painting action – revised
Due to the availability of the Outer Knee Gallery wall, I have revised the proposal painting action to be executed on a canvas as opposed to directly on the wall. This will allow me to paint the artwork in a different room, and move the painting on the Outer Knee Gallery for documentation and viewing. For that reason, I have adjusted the scope of the project to be created on 2 canvases joined at the center. The wall is 120″ x 144″. For technical reasons, I am reducing the overall size of the painting to 142 x 108″ (366 x 274cm) so each stretcher will be 108″ x 71″ (183 x 274cm) each. This piece will be painted using commercial water based paints.

Condition: Sunny day, early February 2022, between 11:30 to 2:30pm

Timeline: The painting will be painted during the month of June 2022. At this time of the year I am hoping to be able to reserve access to a classroom for the duration of the month. Room to consider: The Inside of the Knee gallery would be the best case scenario. I would be closest to the light and could continue the understanding of it as I am painting the piece and move the artwork back in forth to the Outer wall for understanding. Alternatively, any other classroom along the north side of the building would also work. Consider: B4170, C4382, C4384 or C4388

NOTES: I will be documenting the sun on the outside Knee Gallery every month. Already it has changed quite a lot in four week. I will be adding the videos to this post.

February 16th, 2022 : 11:30 to 2:30pm

March 3rd, 2022: noon to 3pm











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