Action 5 : Ñembo Videope | On Record

VIDEO 1 | Learning the Game

ÑE’E MOMBE’U | The Story Game | El Juego del Cuento
Kumanda | Poroto Beans
VIDEO 1 | Co-creation with James:)
Oliver’s version

The game is inspired by traditional Guarani Games: “Yaguarete Kora” a game normally traced and played on the ground, where the players chase the Jaguar. The Kapichua is a game played with pebbles or seeds, where the dexterity of picking the most is the goal.

Yaguarete (Jaguar) and Yagua kuera (dogs)
Yaguarete Kora (Traditional Guarani Game)
Yaguarete Kora (Traditional Guarani Game)
Kapichua (Traditional Guarani Game)

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