Fall 2021 Final Critique | Installation notes

Suggested title: BLUE ELEMENT

The series of paintings and painted objects will be installed in the South West corner of the Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies Gallery at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

ACTION 1: Warm light and canvas curtain.
To enter the gallery, attendees will first walk through a sheet of canvas that will block the entrance archway. A warm light with orange undertone will welcome the attendees.

ACTION 2: Paintings and painted objects
A series of paintings (1 – 72 x 60″ and a possibility of 8 – 20 x 18″) and painted cardboard boxes (flattened and 3D) ranging in colour gradient from sapphire to turquoise as well as warm white to yellowy beige. 

ACTION 3: Horizon Line
Every paintings and objects painted in the beige tones will be installed above the horizon line while everything in the shades of blues will be installed below the horizon line. 

The horizon line will be visible from the colour organization of the two walls. It will be visually echoed in the installation by 3 paintings with a geometrical composition that offers an horizontal band which will be installed along the same axis.

ACTION 4: Sound
Sound of a similar Mediterranean beach was found and I am considering playing it during the preview day to see how it feels.

Wednesday Dec 1st: Installation day
Thursday Dec 2nd 9-5pm: Preview day. Staff, faculty and students are invited to the gallery.
Friday Dec 3rd: Final critique with artist Landon Mackenzie.
Saturday Dec 4th 9-5pm: The public will be invited to the exhibition on

For more information contact marion@marionlandryart.com

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