ACTION 3 STUDIO I - Assignment

3. Extending and Seeking

A travel from the screen to the room

Scaling Out (vs. Scaling Up) was the definition from the Stretch Lexicon I used for this action. The goal with this work was to start from the screen and expand into new spaces. As I mentioned in ACTION 2: Terroir, I didn’t feel that represented by the illustrations I made for that assignment so, this new action was an opportunity for me to take off from where I left and doing some modifications.

The premise of starting from the screen and extending/making into new spaces led me to think about connecting something digital with something material. I wanted to try again with illustration so, I thought of drawing something on the screen and something in a different, material space. On the digital end I would use an ipencil and my iPad, and at the material end I would use a pencil/pen and a paper. For connecting both ends I had to use some kind of bridging device, and for that I made my own Digital to Analog Converter (let’s make it sound fancy) using wire.


As an exercise, I forced myself not to look up for the concept until finishing this post so that my actions were less conditioned and reflecting accurately the idea didn’t become an interference in the lapse of time between choosing the concept and starting with the action.

I wasn’t familiar with the concept, but the idea that Scaling Out (vs. Scaling Up) inspired me was one of a horizontal -or surrounding- growth vs. vertical growth, respectively. Whether the interpretation was accurate or not, it still worked for me as a trigger, and it allowed me to get into action right away.

While making the device, thinking about scaling and growth made me think about resources, and resources connected to people. So, I started by drawing on the left side of the screen a person and an excessively scaled up person. On the right side of the screen, I draw another person and then others the same size by the sides as scaling out. At some point, it felt right that the people scaling out horizontally could also lift up together in successive layers so that they could at least reach the same height as the super scaled up person. Interestingly enough, while people in the screen are organized pretty systematically until reaching the same height as the scaled up one, the people in the unruly paper came out way much taller.

The paper illustration looked interesting for being represented in a three-dimensional way so, I decided to go for a second instance of extension and reaching other spaces using wire again.

Thanks to my wife, Agustina, for taking care of the footage and pics while my hands were busy.
Gotta give credit!

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