ACTION 5 STUDIO I - Assignment

5. Video Sketch


A first-hand experience of the impacts of stress and poor anger management in two acts and a baroque-like subheader, almost longer than the two acts on themselves-

ACT I: The derailment
ACT II: To heal and to reconstruct
– – – BACKSTAGE – – –

This action connects with actions 3 and 4 in terms of materiality and the explorations I’ve been doing on making with wire, rather than in terms of the concept. This was more like an exploration about one of the ways stress manifests to me which is through soaring hands.

My hands are, by far, my tools of choice. I work with my hands doing carpentry, I work in a pizzeria, and I play the guitar. When I’m under stress or not rested enough, I can feel the tension and fatigue bulking up in my hands. This action was an expression of that, but it was also an action for the pure joy of making and having fun with the process. It worked, after all, as a way to make my hands relax and have a little fun during a Sunday afternoon.

DISCLAIMER: No hands were harmed during the footage. The goofy finger is just one more of my old football injuries.

Thanks to my wife, Agustina, for taking care of the backstage footage and the pics while my hands were busy.
Gotta give credit!

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