Yejin Eun (she/her)

Multidisciplinary Communication Designer

I am a communication designer and researcher from South Korea. My current research explores diverse perceptions of time that are largely invisible in contemporary society. Disassembling time as a means of understanding the universal element that structures one’s life and micro-decisions, she desires to give people agency to make decisions about using their own time and role in an ecological sense.

💌 Connect with me through Instagram: @imyejineun

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👩‍🔬 Research Questions:

  1. Does immersion within a linear, technologically mediated, anthropocentric, and quantified perception of time, such as minutes, hours, days, and weeks, blind us from seeing the ecological and social impacts of our living?
  2. What values and priorities does our current relationship with time reinforce or perpetuate?
  3. How might different understandings and experiences of time allow us to perceive and act differently in our world?
  4. Could a different attunement to time, as experienced by other creatures and cultures, help us conceive more ethical futures not only for ourselves, but for all beings, and our shared habitat?

🔑 Keywords for my current practice:

Time, Modernity, Traditional Knowledge, Exploratory Design, Ecological Perspective, Diagramming, Low Impact Living Culture, Communication Design.