Action 3 – Extending and Seeking

Initially, my thoughts for this action focused on two elements: “Extend the Screen” and “Transform the Studio”. For me, this meant looking at my zoom screen and trying to extend that screen into a studio space. I suppose I took this quite literally.

This idea drove me crazy and I hit the wall. I tried to reflect and find some resolution but I kept coming back to the same conclusion, “I can’t stand this!” So I decided to step away and work on a different project.

Game Board for D&D – utilizing open software to create maps (worlds) on a digital screen
3D printed miniatures

In my initial attempt to transform and extend the space, I was trying to incorporate all of my screens (laptop, ipad, iphone) into my studio space. In this project, I realized that I was able to transform the screen into a collaborative space that is inviting and participative in nature. So I began to go over the instructions and change my approach. Just do..just do..just do…

“Another way to consider this title is as an imperative. Among the many inspirations I have drawn from the researching and writing this book is the importance of simply doing something. No matter what the cause or goal, and irrespective of whether the projects were client – or designer-initiated, the success of these projects invariably stems from an eagerness to work” (Simmons 2011, pp.5)

Unfortunately, the combination of quarantine followed by the intense temperatures of the summer months in Doha, have made it all but impossible to be outdoors since May. I began to consider the environments that I wish to be in. Remembering the sights, smells, and textures of nature. I started to consider natural forms and tactility that might create a more inviting and participatory adaptation to my studio space. I also considered the resources that I have around me, focusing on reusable materials. I decided to work with cardboard. It has so many wonderful properties and I have a surplus of it. I started with a diagram and moved into digital modeling/slicing.

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